Tuesday, September 7, 2010


It was almost the end of August and everything's on Final Sale when we arrived.

Shopping in Hong Kong has always been fun.... lots of clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics.... It was like I'm in a fashion magazine. I like watching the ladies that were nicely dressed with full make up and high heeled shoes. I was in my flats for half a day and my feet hurt already. But seeing all the shops made me forget about my aching feet.
I did not only enjoy the shopping but also the eating of Hong Kong food. Well, we didn't eat authentic Hong Kong food the whole time but still everything we had was delightful.
Shopping with friends made everything more enjoyable =)
*After shopping at H&M, we headed to Cafe de Coral for our forgotten Lunch, now merienda. This was around 4PM.
Clubhouse sandwich
Mexican Chili dog... who would think that Mexican Chili dog is available in HK?
My Hokkaido Milk Tea
I had milk tea everyday... taro milk tea, Black milk tea and caramel Milk tea.... Milk tea in HK is like sago't gulaman here. It's a street food or should I say a street drink =)
*For our dinner, we went looking for an authentic chinese resto and found one...
Shanghai Noodles
Porkchop with Salt and Pepper, sweet and sour sauce on the side
My favorite Xiao Long Pao
* On our second day, after shopping, we went to the food republic of City Plaza in Tai koo for lunch
My order came first, it looked so appetizing.... everyone was like ooooooohh
Tender pork ribs with rice and special sauce
Then came my mom's order... ooooohh
chicken wings with fried rice vermicelli noodles
Then came Arvin's order.... and everyone was silent.... you can see the disappointment on his face.... I know it's mean but I can't help but laugh
Scambled egg with shrimps? hehehehe
Ofcourse I shared my food with him =)
*On our last night, we wanted to eat at another authentic Chinese restaurant and ended up in a western restaurant.... we got tired of looking for one and chose the next closest available resto 'cause we still have some more last minute shopping to do.
There was one chinese dish on the menu, Hainanese chicken


Seafood casserole

Hoping to see Hong Kong again soon!

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