Saturday, November 24, 2012

Chashu Ramen

My newly wed friends and I had a small "cooking-class-get-together".  KC taught us how to cook her famous Katsudon and Chicken Teiryaki, Aimee cooked her shrimp balls and my share was to teach them how to cook Ramen and Okonomiyaki... Joni was my sous chef =) she helped me in preparing the miso stock and chashu =) 

 Below is a little review of our cooking session and the Okonomiyaki and Chashu Ramen Recipe  =)

Preparation =)

some of the important ingredients in Japanese cooking

Aims slicing the cucumbers for the Kani salad
Belle helping Aims with the Kani =)
Joni busy with the Miso stock
Jiana breading the pork for the Katsudon
KC's famous Katsudon is done =)
Aimee cooking the prawn balls
The very tender and delicious Chashu
Chicken Teriyaki
Chashu Ramen