Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pad Thai

Pad Thai anyone? =) Last night I made Pad Thai, not from scratch this time. =) I saw an almost-instant Pad Thai noodles in the supermarket. It was so easy to make, you just have to cook the noodles( set aside), cook the meat of your choice (I added tofu, bean sprouts and shrimps), add the ready-sauce mix and stir back in the noodles and you have you're almost-as-good-as-the-original Pad Thai noodles from Thailand.

Better with the spring onions and LIME!!!! I forgot the lime! ... Lime will make it taste more authentic

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chinese Part 3

This is my 3rd attempt on cooking Chinese, I have reserved the whole week for Chinese dishes that my hubby had chosen. And so far, these dishes were better tasting than my first 2 attempts.

Before trying to cook Chinese food again, I have searched all bookstores for the best Chinese cookbook... bought a few but the recipes failed. Disappointed again. Then, I found my mom's Chinese cookbook... it's been tried and tested with lot's of secrets... =) It made me realize that anyone can really cook, you just have to find that perfect recipe with the little secrets to make the perfect dish.

SPICY CHICKEN - this was crispylicious until I poured the sauce over.. but it was still good =)

STEAMED BACON IN SOY SAUCE - this was a little hassle to make but it was worth =) we ate this with rice and steamed bun... and had some leftovers for the next day =)

Stir- fried shrimp - a bit salty

BEEF STIR-FRIED NOODLES - this was surprisingly delicious =) This was my favorite of all, gonna make this again soon =)


SHRIMP IN BEANCURD SKIN - the taste was good but we got the wrong beancurd skin... should have gotten the flat white beancurd for a better presentation. Next time =)