Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It's Ainsley's birthday and we celebrated it at Gourmand.

Je Suis Gourmand is a classy restaurant at The Fort. The place has a cozy ambiance, nice soft music, well-trained food servers and scrumptious food. Pricing of food is a bit high but you know you're eating gourmet. You could taste the wine in every sauce and the stock that they used were prepared for long hours, no short cuts .... it reminds me of my culinary school days with Chef Gandler, Chef Uli and Chef Mike... nothing tasted like instant beef or chicken stock. Plus, this is the only resto so far that I've been to where you can see the chef interacting with his customers.

Duck Foie Gras PHP 980+
a generuos serving of Duck liver that melts in your mouth

Cream of Watercress PHP 190+

French Onion Soup PHP 210+

Ox tongue and Braised Beef Bourgingon PHP 620+

Bluecheese Carbonara Linguini with Roasted Smoked Bacona nd Garlic Prawns
PHP 420+

Braised Lamb Shank with Lentils PHP 610+

Angus Beef ribeye with Fries and Mesclun Greens PHP 1,150+

Fettucine Tapenade with Salmon
PHP 420+

Seafood Risotto with Buerre Blanc PHP 960
This is not in the menu.... it was cooked as requested by us

The boys savoring their food

A birthday cake for the birthday boy

Food was simply delicious.

For more info about Je Suis Gourmand
call 8158801

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