Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Create -Your- Own Sandwich

After the baptismal we headed home for a simple merienda.
I prepared some store-bought cold cuts, cheese, greens and mushrooms and got the panini grill out for a Create-your-own sandwich party.

I think everyone was happy with their sandwiches =)

Selection of breads
We had sesame bread, Farmer Rustic Bread, Baguette Bread, French Bread, Rye Bread and Wheat Bread

Cupcakes by Sonja for the sweet tooth

Guests making their choices
Cheese section includes Gruyere- my favorite, Manchego, Emmenhthal, Herbey Dutch and Cheddar Cheese

Cold cuts- Canadian ham, canadian bacon, coppa ham, salami Milano, Smoked roasted chicken ham, Beef pastrami
For the greens, we had romaine, lolorossa and Alfalfa

Stech using the panini grill =)

Beautiful photos were taken by JOVI =)

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