Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fondant Cake

My son's 1st birthday is coming up and I'm planning to make his cake. I want a three layered fondant cake for him but as we all know fondant cake is quite pricey. That's why I've decided to join a Beginner's Fondant Cake class with Chef Aggy Villabona at Heny Sison.
She taught us how to make Pound cake, buttercream, royal icing, gum paste and the fondant. She was fun to work with and was very generous with her knowledge on baking... she taught us extra tips and tricks and even gave out her fondant cake. If you're a beginner in making fondant, I would definitely recommend her class 'cause I know that I learned a lot. The best part is that it's hands-on and you get to take home your own cake.
Chef Aggy teaching us how to bake pound cake
Chef Aggy teaching us how to cover the cake with fondant
The class busy with their cakes
Chef Aggy's classic fondant cake
This is my funny and sooo amateur creation.... I think I'd better stick to cooking hehhehe

The class' creation.. looks beautiful

I got my certificate!!!!! yehey!
Thank you Chef.
It was a very interesting class. I had fun =) But I think I'll stick with cooking =)

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  1. I attended the topsy-turvy fondant class but it was chef heny who did the demo for us because chef aggy is still recuperating from surgery. I was wondering if the butter pound cake in this class is the one with cream cheese? Thanks.