Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Deviled Eggs with Russian caviar and Blinis with Russian caviar

Having to try caviar is a luxury.

True Caviar comes from the Sturgeon fish which swims in the Caspian Sea, near Russia and Iran. Prices vary depending on the quality of the roe, it is usually based on the size, color and flavor. The most expensive varieties are the Beluga, Sterlet, Osetra and Sevruga respectively. These delicacies can reach from EURO 7000 to EURO 13,000 and even higher per kilo! Imagine that! Our chef once told us that they used to keep their Beluga caviar inside a refrigerated vault. Now that's real luxury.
Cheaper caviars are available in the market. You may have seen lumpfish caviar and the salmon caviar - think california maki =).

My in-laws just came from Russia and brought home some Russian Caviar. I don't read Russian so I really don't know which variety it is. But I do know that it is expensive and that it came Russia then it is of good quality.

Caviar is usually served as a garnish in hors d' oeuvres. Here I made deviled eggs and blinis and garnished it with the Russian Caviar.


When handling caviars NEVER use metals or stainless steel spoon or bowls. You can use wood, glass or porcelain. That's beacause when caviar touches the metal it oxidizes and turns your expensive delicacy smelling and tasting fishy.

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