Friday, August 13, 2010

Smoked Duck Tartine and Smoked Duck Pan De Sal

I wasn't disappointed when the cook said that she made me nothing for lunch. Honestly, I was quite happy=) It means that I can make lunch for myself. And so I searched the fridge for something that I can make fast and easy. I found Pan De Sal, tomatoes, smoked duck, lettuce and Gruyere cheese.

I was thinking of Smoked duck pan de sal. While constructing the half filled sandwich, looking so nice uncovered... I changed my mind and made myself Smoked Duck and Gruyere Tartine. But the tartine didn't fill my tummy and so I made another one, this time I made Smoked Duck Pan De Sal.

Smoked Duck and Gruyere Cheese Tartines

Smoked Duck Pan De Sal - just added a little balsamic vinegar for a tangy taste

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