Thursday, April 7, 2011

Seafood Aligue Spaghetti

I finally had the time to blog and cook again and so I did last night, even if I was on a strict diet... meaning I can't eat or even taste what I was going to cook.

I've always wanted to try to make Pasta Aligue and thankfully my "Ninang" from Zamboanga gave us ALAVAR sauce, it's a sauce made from crab roe with a hint of coconut which is usually paired with ofcourse, seafoods. You have to try this amazing sauce it's really good - well at least for me and my family=)

Here's my version of the Seafood Aligue Pasta

It looked really good but when I tasted it the next day (when my diet was officially done) I realized that I served something that was tasteless.... it was really embarassing. So I recooked it and added a little more salt and it was DEADLY PERFECT!

Lesson of the story : always taste what you cook before serving =)

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