Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cream of Portobello Mushrooms and Piri Piri Chicken

Piri Piri Chicken is a native dish to Africans, particularly in Angola and Mozambique, which once were Portugese Colonies. Portugese adopted the recipe and now they are famous for it =)
*Piri Piri literally means chilies in African language

I'm excited to blog about my piri-piri creation. It was my first time to make piri piri chicken, and it turned out great.... the skin was crispy, meat was so tender and tasty and oils have all dripped off. It's a healthy chicken I can say. It is usually cooked barbeque style (charcoal grilling), I didn't have time to buy charcoal so I broiled it in the oven instead =) i just didn't have the smoky flavor but it was ok.

Fresh from the oven, see all the drippings ?

Piri Piri Chicken - wasn't spicy at all, have to add more chilis next time

I also made Mushroom soup and Kani salad (again, as requested =))

Cream of Portobello Mushrooms
This was really tasty... delicious =)

Kani salad - Arvin's favorite

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  1. Hi! Would love to have your recipe for the piri piri chicken and mushroom soup! :)